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The banner was a hit!

Podium Designs Customer Review

I called Podium Designs on June 6th to inquire for a graduation banner that I and 2 other Moms are donating to my son’s preschool. Ken was so accommodating despite working on a small file of the school’s logo and agreed to finish the banner on the 13th (with up to 3 revisions) in time for the school’s graduation ceremony on the 14th. The banner was a hit! Kid and their families lined up to take photos with the banner as their backdrop. The principal, teachers and PTA were so happy with the outcome and grateful that the banner will be used by more graduates in the years to come.

- Agatha Carlos

Ken is a master of his craft!

Podium Designs Customer Review

Ken is a master of his craft. I’m a bit of an OCD Jeep owner so it takes a lot for me to feel comfortable having someone else work on my vehicle. Ken’s attention to detail, skill level, and professionalism made me feel very reassured very quickly. I trust Ken and highly recommend working with him!

- Dave Adams

I highly recommend Podium Designs!

Podium Designs Customer Review

I highly recommend Podium Designs. Ken at Podium Designs not only completely unwrapped my existing vehicle wrap... he then meticulously re-wrapped my Escalade. I found Ken to be genuinely sincere and strongly recommend both him and Podium Designs for any vehicle wrap!!!

- Kalyana Casler

I had a great experience with Podium Designs!

I had a great experience with Podium Designs. Ken is a perfectionist and is really matriculate about his work and the way you want things done. I really enjoyed the fact that he comes to your place and he was the only one that had no reservations in wrapping my motorcycle gas tank. It’s hard to find a company that wraps motorcycle and one that comes to your place is especially awesome.

- vlad neyer